Video: Our children, our furture

Posted on 12. maj 2011


On May 7th, about 200 children in the ages of five to 13 from Nabi Saleh, Nil’in, Bil’in, Ma’sara and Silwan was invited to Ramallah’s old Ottoman Court building for a day where children were allowed to be children, to try and live as if their everyday life of occupation, popular resistance, demonstrations, home invasions, checkpoints, tear gas, rubber bullets and sound bombs.

The slogan of the day was “Let’s put a smile on our children’s faces” and this was among others accomplished by the children’s book character Qushqush as well as the author Elham Dwairy Tabry. Actor Fadi Al-Ghool sang and played with the children.

Our Children, Our Future was organized by Ashira Ramadan, Lama Nazeeh and Hyrriyah Ziada, and the event wasn’t sponsored by any big corporations but by individual people in Ramallah. Food was donated by local restaurants and around 20 volunteers showed up to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible with the excited youngsters.

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