Clashes in Ras el Amoud as response to the loss of teen boy

Posted on 14. maj 2011


Clashes erupted in Ras el Amoud neighborhood in Jerusalem today after midday prayer. Last night, Milad Said Ayyash, 17, was murdered after a settler guard fired live ammunition at him. Milad was shot in the stomach and rushed to the Muqassed hospital, where he underwent three operations before succumbing to the shot.

Arrest in East Jerusalem

"I didn’t throw stones,” yelled Artif Budhja as police arrested him.

According to Faraj Taha, a local fruit vendor, as the mosque emptied today, boys started throwing stones at the soldiers and police who responded with massive amounts of tear gas. As he and his 10-year-old son tried to close the shop during the clash, his son inhaled so much gas that he had to go to the hospital. Two hours after the event, the stench of the tear gas still filled his shop.

The situation in Ras el Amoud was tense today after Milad’s death. Mammoun Kassem, 48, Milad’s English teacher at Al-Rashidiya Secondary School for Boys, located in East Jerusalem, told Palestine Monitor that the students had walked out of today’s classes as they heard that their classmate had been killed.

“The occupation must end or it will continue like this: tit for tat – they kill someone and we kill someone,” says Kassem.

According to Kassem, Milad was killed by dumdum-bullets shot by Israeli Special Forces, but there are conflicting reports of how Ayyash was killed.

Earlier Saturday Mammon had watched 40 young boys force open the gates to the settlement located next to his house. According to Kassem three of the boys were caught and arrested.

Palestine Monitor witnessed two young men being arrested during house raids under accusations of stone throwing.

“I was at my house – I didn’t throw stones,” yelled Artif Budhja, as police took him to their car. Budhja’s uncle, Budhja Mohammad said that his nephew was on his second month of his one year house arrest and had not left the house at all.

In the neigborhood of A-Tur, a neighborhood adjacent to Ras el Amoud, boys from Milad’s former elementary school attempted to stop traffic in several places by pushing trash containers into the streets. A group of 15 boys, ages 10 to 15, set a row of tires on fire before being chased down by approximately 20 police officers, who threw sound grenades to the distress of mothers waiting for the girls to get out from school.

clashes in A-Tur

Boys burn tires in A-Tur

Soldiers throw sound bombs

Soldiers throw sound bombs as boys burn tires in A-Tur

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