VIDEO: People in Ramallah gather to show solidarity with Gaza

Posted on 19. august 2011


A group of 150 people met at Ramallah’s center, the Al Manara circle, Friday evening to show solidarity with the victims of the bombing in Gaza. A core group of around 50 sang and yelled chants such as: “May the occupier leave –Palestine wants freedom” and “Gaza, you are not alone.”

In the rest of downtown Ramallah, the mood was as any other Ramadan Friday with families strolling down the streets, looking at stores and chatting with friends (see yesterday’s blog post).

Israel has responded to Thursday’s attack by bombing several places in Gaza. The group behind the attack is still unknown, but convinced that the perpetrators are from the Popular Resistance Committee, bombs have been coming down heavily, killing nine including two children.

On Twitter, PalYouthVoice attempted to collect reports on the areas that were being bombed got confirmations explosions in both North and Central Gaza.

“The sky is full of Israeli airplanes and drones,” wrote ‘WalaaGh’

In retaliation of Israel’s bombings, rockets were fired from Gaza into the southern Israeli cities Ashkelon, Beersheva, Kiryat Gat and Ashdod injuring several according to BBC reports.

Egypt has condemned Israel’s killing of five Egyptian policemen who were caught in yesterday’s shooting. Throughout Friday, people in Egypt gather in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, and according to tweets, the demonstrations grew during the evening and some called for people to burn the embassy down. Around midnight reports wrote that riot police had arrived at the scene.