Why I ‘beheb’ Ramallah

Posted on 4. oktober 2011


Horse tied to tree in Ramallah

Horse tied to tree in Ramallah

To name but a few reasons (in random order)….

1) You’ll be walking down the streets next to fancy cafees, stores or five star hotels and then suddenly you’ll see a shepherd with his goats or a horse tied to a tree

2) Walking down the main streets everyone yells ‘welcome, welcome’ – and no, of course it has nothing to do with the fact I’m female and well, blond!

3) In the most random hours of the day, such as late at night and early in the morning, you’ll hear the sound of the ice cream truck playing equally random tunes ranging from ‘It’s a small world’ to ‘Oh Tannenbaum’

Sun set over 'Rukab street' in Ramallah

Sun set over 'Rukab street' in Ramallah

4) There’s always something happening in Ramallah – with only about 50.000 inhabitants I have never seen any city equal in size host this many cultural art/film/photo/dance/ festivals, exhibitions, happenings etc. – mostly linked to the occupation.

5) Every single day there’s an absolute breathtaking sunset