VIDEO: Palm Sunday in Jerusalem 2012

Posted on 14. april 2012


Watch video from the Palm Sunday procession on Mount of Olives, April 1, 2012 (Western Easter).

Palm Sunday in Jerusalem 2012 – YouTube.

Starting from the church at the top of Mount of Olives – where Jesus according to the New Testament, rode on a donkey down to Jerusalem – local Christians and religious tourists from all parts of the world gathered. Like always the procession was led by vast groups of Palestinian Christian scouts. And though it was a hot spring day, people did not abstain from dancing throughout their descent while signing their praise to the lord. Several of both the local Palestinian Christians and Christian international supporters of Palestine carried Palestinian flags and banners.

The parade ended in St Anne’s Church in the Old City in the late afternoon, but an evening parade started on the main street outside New Gate – again led by the Palestinian Christian scouts playing drums and bagpipe.

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See pictures from the day

Palestinian scouts lead procession on Mt of Olives Palm Sunday